our story

We are a graphic design agency based in Cebu City, Philippines and Devon, UK. We are a fusion of British management process, accountability and integrity with Philippine creativity, flair, versatility and energy.

We began our journey specialising in vibrant, creative product and packaging graphic design. Specifically for educational products, toys, gifts and children's books. Emboldened by our achievements and success in these sectors we expanded our expertise. We now offer a wide range of services.

core values


Cutting edge and relevant. We take pride in providing new and original ideas. We produce designs that are contemporary yet relevant to the requirements of our clients.


Honest and determined. We are a company that strongly adheres to our moral and artistic values. Our clients know us to be a trust-worthy and self-reliant business partner.


Stimulated and Enthusiastic. We do not fear to be different in order to deliver outstanding design.


Outstanding and progressive. It is our primary aim to provide exceptional works that does not compromise schedules, quality of output and file management. We strive to be competitive in the market and to constantly surpass ourselves.


Resourceful and well-rounded. Each and every member of the team excels in their respective expertise, making it easier for us to adapt. We are active in research and discourse, allowing us to remain flexible.

why choose us
Based in Cebu, Philippines and Devon, UK.
Offering exceptional pricing without
compromising quality
We listen to our clients and deliver quality on time
• Super creative
• Detail-oriented
• Very-talented
Dedicated & passionate about what we do!
Save Money… Have the job done right
the first time around!
We offer very fast turnaround
20 Years of commercial design experience
Expertise in labelling and packaging standards: CE/ASTM/CPSIA/LHAMA/AU/NZ ISO.
Detailed understanding of international standards,
policy and legal style guide data
Specializing in:
• Product & Packaging Design
• Digital & Printing Marketing.
Error-free, compliant R&D and packaging done by a professional agency
Full understanding of production cycles, testing, QC,
printing and logistics